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Our consultancy services cover a wide range of aspects of a business’ function in the natural sector.
Among our specialisms are the following:
  • Sustainability strategies

  • Organic product development

  • Food and food supplement product formulation

  • Product design

  • Dossier compilation

  • Product compliance and labelling

  • Quality control

  • Design of product trials

  • Risk/benefit analysis

  • Commissioning of product tests through quality-assured laboratories

  • Guidance for contract manufacture

  • Marketing and advertising copy

  • Strategic planning

we can help you navigate the
minefield of rapidly changing law and science
The following questions will help you assess your need for our support:
  • Are you straddling the borderline and uncertain about your business' future?​

  • Do you have products in your stable that are more than placebos?

  • Are you up to speed with the latest regulatory changes?

  • Do you think your products and marketing collateral accurately communicate to your customers what your products are all about?

  • Do you know how far you can go with non-mandatory labelling without making unapproved health or medicinal claims?

  • Do you have access to some of the best product designers in the business?

  • Could your company benefit from a training workshop for your sales and marketing team to allow them to work to the limits of their abilities while staying within the law?

  • Could you use some product development know-how?

  • Could tweaks be made to some of your formulations that make them even more effective while still keeping them legal?

  • Would you like some help to develop your business strategy over the next 5 years, taking into account the regulatory changes afoot?

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