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Are you confident you can walk the minefield of rapidly changing law and science?

ANH Consultancy provides unique consultancy services to help grow businesses involved with the natural products sector, both within and outside the UK and EU, including to growers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and practitioners.


In recognising that no two businesses are alike, our work is nearly always bespoke, developed to suit your requirements and your budget. We work with start-ups through to health professionals and major corporations, so flexibility and adapting to the needs of a particular individuals, businesses and organisations are second nature to us.


We don’t tend to advertise – most of our work comes to us through word of mouth. We’ve built a solid reputation over the last 12 years doing what a lot of consultancies in the natural sector simply can’t do; linking science with regulatory, finding work-arounds to areas others think are regulatory no-go zones, thinking innovatively and strategically, and looking at the whole picture of your venture from a sustainability perspective, be it farm to fork or field to mouth.


If you think you might be able to benefit from our unique natural products and natural health expertise,

we’d love to hear from you.

Lead consultants

Rob Verkerk

Rob Verkerk PhD is an internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary sustainability scientist with a 30-year background in environmental, agricultural, food, nutritional and health sciences. For over three decades, Rob has developed an intimate relationship with the tightropes that span between science and law, between academia and industry, between government and the people—and not least— between humanity’s internal and external environments. He has Masters and Doctorate degrees from Imperial College London, where he also worked as a postdoctoral research fellow for 7 years in the field of sustainable agriculture.


In 2002, Rob founded the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) and has acted as its executive and scientific director since this time. He has directed legal actions to protect the right to natural health and campaigned against drinking water fluoridation and genetically modified crops. He has also been instrumental in exposing the limitations of classical risk analysis as applied by government authorities to foods and natural health products and he is a recognised pioneer in the development of novel, scientifically rational risk/benefit analysis approaches.


Dr Verkerk has authored some 60 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings and contributes regularly to magazines and other popular media. He is an accomplished and inspirational speaker and communicator on a wide range of issues relating to sustainability in healthcare, agriculture, food quality and related fields.

Meleni Aldridge

Meleni Aldridge has been immersed in the field of natural and integrative medicine for over 25 years. She is a practicing clinical psychoneuroimmunologist, functional medicine practitioner and certified Metabolic Balance coach.  For 11 years she lectured at St Mary’s University College, Middlesex on the Sport Rehabilitation programme. During this time she was also instrumental in furthering student personal development initiatives, putting to good use the communications and organisational skills she gained in the banking and insurance sectors in her previous career.

In July 2005, she joined the Alliance for Natural Health International. In her role as executive coordinator, she works closely with Dr Robert Verkerk, executive and scientific director, positively shaping the scientific and regulatory environment required to facilitate the future development of natural and sustainable healthcare.

During the last eleven years Meleni has been instrumental in furthering the ANH’s communications with the global integrative medicine community, as well as industry stakeholders and has been actively involved in consultations with the European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority, the US Food and Drug Administration, the UK Food Standards Agency, as well as the Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organisation of the United Nations. She regularly contributes to articles, columns and press releases in the field of sustainable healthcare and regulatory challenges and maintains close collaboration with ANH-USA, based in Washington.

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