ANH Consultancy Mission

To help support the development and sustainability of agricultural, food and natural health businesses through the provision of expert scientific, regulatory and legal consultancy in the European Union, Americas and beyond.

Consultants from ANH Consultancy include some of the most experienced experts in their respective fields of sustainable agriculture, nutritional science, medicine, regulatory affairs, law, marketing, branding, web design and e-commerce.

For further information:

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Telephone +44 (0)1306 646 553.

Key Consultants

Scientific/regulatory: Robert Verkerk PhD
Scientific: Jan Knight PhD
Medical: Damien Downing MBBS
Legal: Robert Collins LLB
Project management: Meleni Aldridge
Branding/e-commerce: Chris Allen


Meleni Aldridge, Director
ANH Consultancy Ltd
The Atrium
Curtis Road
Dorking RH4 1XA
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1306 646 553
Fax: +44 (0)1306 646 552

Key Services

  • Sustainable agriculture and organic consultancy
  • Experimental and clinical studies design
  • Natural pest management advice
  • Food, cosmetics and organic regulatory compliance
  • Assistance in avoiding medicinal product or novel foods classification of food and supplement products
  • Reformulation advice
  • Product enhancement advice
  • Product labelling advice
  • Health claims advice
  • Dossier preparation for ingredients and health claims in the EU
  • Design of human and other trials (including bioavailability and efficacy studies)
  • Antioxidant analysis
  • Development of core claims documentation
  • Scientific literature review, analysis and summaries
  • Market research and analysis
  • Sales staff training
  • Brand design and development
  • Business development and identification of new market opportunities
  • E-commerce development

All work can be conducted under confidentiality agreements.

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